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Periwinkle Shell Earrings - Bridget Turner Jewellery
Periwinkle Shell Earrings - Bridget Turner Jewellery

Periwinkle Shell Earrings - Bridget Turner Jewellery

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Now you can carry the ocean with you wherever you are! These tiny little gems are called periwinkles, each one is unique. It's hard to find two that are similar in appearance for matching earrings, but that's what makes these earrings special. Perfect mermaid earrings!

Shell is securely attached to a sterling silver post.

Handmade in Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia.

Bridget Turner grew up on the Atlantic ocean in Nova Scotia. Her jewellery is inspired by the sea, and her various surf adventures. She is a graduate of NSCAD's jewellery design program and her surf jewellery is renowned with ocean lovers all over the world.

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About Bridget Turner Jewellery:

It all began when I spent my summers swimming, surfing and exploring my Nova Scotia beaches and learning to make jewellery from my great aunt Jean on her visits from New York. That sense of adventure has stayed with me and beach combing continues to be a daily exploration, when the weather is warm of course!

Early in the mornings I head down to the beach before the wind picks up and go on a hunt to find treasures that are left with the changing of the tides. All the while designing in the sketchbook in my mind of what jewellery I want to make. I often come home with those memories of the ocean in my jacket or jean pockets and when I find them again it takes me back to the beach I visited, the air, the smells and the waves I experienced. My goal is to create beautiful jewellery with memories of the sea so you can take them with you where ever you may go.