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Meet the Artist: Anto Yukon

Nature, art, soap and sustainability... Introducing: Anto Yukon. We had a chance to chat with founder Kym Rempel, a fieldworker in wilderness management and an avid hiker living near Whitehorse, YT. Using locally and sustainably foraged ingredients from the Yukon, Kym's soaps are reminiscent of the great Canadian landscapes for which they are named after. Each soap is wrapped in a small contemporary artwork by Meghan Hildebrand, a Canadian artist and former Yukon resident whose paintings are inspired by Northern landscapes.  Anto Yukon’s soaps are truly unique and bring a breath of Canada’s wildness into everyday life. 

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Meet the Artist: Stinson Studios

 Wood, whisky and whitewater canoeing. Meet the Stinson family. Stinson Studios hand-turned wood bowls grace the tables and kitchens of thousands of Canadian homes, not to mention, worldwide. The inspiration behind their artisan products is to expose the beauty of the natural world around them. We had the pleasure of exchanging question-and-answer with Joanne Stinson to find out a little bit more about how this treasured Canadian brand came about, and what keeps them going.  What is the origin of woodworking in the Stinson family? How did it all start, and how did it evolve into a multi-generation family business? Don began the business back in 1982, prior to any children, and although trained as a furniture designer, he taught himself...

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