East Coast Feature: Artists of the Maritimes

East Coast Feature: Artists of the Maritimes

From the Bay of Fundy mudflats, through endless spruce vistas, to rocky kelp-rich shorelines and the mountainous plateaus of the Highlands... there is no shortage of inspiration for the local artists of the Maritimes to draw from. We wanted to showcase some of our favourite makers, our friends, colleagues and neighbours from the place we call home. Featuring eight different artists from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island...

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Eastwood Pottery artist feature with ceramic Dory Mug handmade in Nova Scotia, Canada.

MacAusland Woollen Mills artist feature with blue and white wool blanket handmade in PEI, Canada.

Indigenous female-owned Wabanaki Maple Syrup artist feature with four barrel aged flavours.

Tuckamoor Wildcrafts felted wool bird ornaments handmade in New Brunswick, Canada.

Wildwood Creek artist feature with handmade natural botanical candle from Nova Scotia, Canada.

Osha Mae artist feature with three natural botanical soap handmade in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Glass Bakery artist feature with sandpiper driftwood sculpture handmade in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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