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Canadian book of poems "Earth Day in Leith Churchyard" featuring a painting by Tom Thomson on the cover.

Earth Day in Leith Churchyard - Poems in Search of Tom Thomson - Bernadette Rule

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This sweet book of short poems by Bernadette Rule is sponsored by the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council. It is inspired by the work of Tom Thomson and the Canadian landscape.

"While trees may die and new ones grow up, while water levels rise and fall, what Tom Thomson captured in his work endures. He saw and understood the sweeping character of this land, which helps others see it as well. As these poems attest, his work continues to inspire both a love of the land and a love of art." - From the back cover, Bernadette Rule

"With grace and precision, with delight in the world and in wordplay, and with an eye for all that is holy, Bernadette Rule read the moving paintings, the landscape and the life of a loved painter, and translates them into words." - John Terpstra, Author