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Osha Mae

Comfrey Healing Salve

Comfrey Healing Salve

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An excellent all-heal ointment cream. Works wonders on all skin concerns and injuries. Treats broken bones, small scars, wounds (not open wounds) old & new injuries, ligaments, tendons.

Massage into skin in circular motions or massage deeply into the skin tissues.

Ingredients: Comfrey, rosehip seed, Jojoba, argan, NS beeswax Essential oil: blood orange, wild orange, sweet orange.

Handmade in Halifax, Nova Scotia

100 ml


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About Osha Mae:

Our focus & passion at Oshamae over the years has been to seek unusual & luxurious plant medicinals in many forms. Whole plant, infusions, pressed oils, butter, extracts, essential oils or essences. Plant life offers us so much healing for wellness nourishment & divine Luxury. I am passionate about Plant Medicines for treating, senses, soul & compromised skin types.

Since 2000 we began to dabble in making natural soap, by a cold Process.
All of our skin care is 100% Natural & this has been our goal since our first day producing products.
Foraging flowers, & various Plants and storing them for usage for Skin care apothecary products is our Mission.

Our back ground In Herbalism & Aromatherapy lend to thoughtful curation of Skin care apothecary Line.
We incorporate Native nutritive wild plant into our formulations for skin care benefits.
Our time here on the magnificent land is to bring rare & common plants into your Home & on your skin for your special Daily care Rituals.
Your worth it!! Your skin is your largest organ exposed to environmental toxins.
For hygiene, Purification and Pure Blissful experience.

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