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Nature Imprint

Birch Tumbler

Birch Tumbler

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Handmade ceramic tumbler inspired by the beauty of nature. This unique tumbler captures the essence of a birch branch, bringing a touch of the outdoors into your everyday life. Whether you're sipping your favourite drink or admiring its intricate design on your desk, this tumbler is bound to spark joy and conversation wherever it goes. Great for beverages or used decoratively as a small vase for flowers.

Handmade in Montreal, QC.

Diameter: 7.5 cm Height: 14 cm 

Nature Imprint tableware items are made from porcelain, glazed and fired at 1222°C (2232°F). Dishwasher-safe.

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About Nature Imprint:

The Nature Imprint collection was born from the desire to take a break from our hectic lifestyle and take the time to admire the beauty that surrounds us.

Geneviève Gallant, a ceramic artist from Montreal, brings her pottery to life under the name Nature Imprint. Her creations, everyday objects such as cups, bowls, and vases, reflect her deep connection with nature. Each piece is handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, sometimes incorporating real plants or stencils made from her original designs. Nature Imprint's timeless designs aim to capture the essence of flora and landscapes, without compromising the functionality of each piece. Each creation celebrates the simple beauty that surrounds us, encouraging us to fully appreciate every moment and reconnect with the inspiration provided by the natural world.

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