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BESIDE Magazine

BESIDE Magazine - Issue 10 - Our Transformations

BESIDE Magazine - Issue 10 - Our Transformations

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About Issue 10 - Our Transformations

In this anniversary issue, BESIDE presents the stories of people who have decided to transform themselves—or the world around them—by drawing upon ideas that are sometimes new, sometimes age-old. Because while the past months have revealed our vulnerabilities, they have also shown us that we are capable of taking action.

This edition of BESIDE includes portraits of Ontario chef Matty Matheson and Mi’kmaw water protectors Grassroots Grandmothers; interviews with New York Times journalist Jenna Wortham, television host Vanessa Pilon and fermentation specialists David Zilber and Sandor Ellix Katz; essays by anthropologist Serge Bouchard and poet Alexis Pauline Gumbs.



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About BESIDE Magazine:

BESIDE publishes two magazines and one journal per year. Each issue brings together philosophers, artists, entrepreneurs, farmers, scientists and adventurers around one compelling question. If you want to be empowered with compelling knowledge, untold stories, and impactful conversations at the crossroads of nature and culture—read us.

BESIDE Magazine is free of traditional advertising, with the exception of a few select sponsored articles developed with carefully chosen partners whose values and vision we admire.

Our magazine is printed in Quebec on Rolland Enviro paper, a 100 per cent post-consumer paper.

AccoladesStack Magazine Awards Nomination for Best use of Photography 2019, Art Direction Grand Prix Canadian Magazine Awards 2019, Grafika Award 2017

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