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Made in Canada recycled beer bottle amber coloured magnets with yellow camping symbols of a tent, hiker, canoe and fire.

Recycled Glass Camping Magnets - ReBeer by Artech Studios

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ReBeer camping magnets are made from recycled beer bottles and feature the "National Park" motifs - Hike, Camp, Campfire, Canoe! A perfect gift for the outdoor adventurer!

Made by Artech Studios in Tory Hill, Ontario.


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About Artech Studios:

In the time of the Renaissance, artists had to be practical and versatile.  They had to make things people really used.  That’s what we do here at Artech Studios.  We make art that people can really use.  Funny, practical and all made by hand.  From us to you.

We are a traditional glassblowing studio nestled in the Highlands of Ontario, Canada.   We produce great upcycled glass tableware and handmade barware. Terry Craig and Jennifer Wanless-Craig are the designers, makers, owners and (honestly) the chief bottle washers.