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Smitten Kitten

"Notebook" Canadiana Notebook

"Notebook" Canadiana Notebook

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These soft cover Canadiana Journals by Smitten Kitten feature an assortment of our great national landmarks and wildlife.

140 lined pages are printed with vegetable inks on 100% recycled paper manufactured using chlorine free (TFC) bleaching process. Gold foil is embossed by hand. Measures 5.25" x 7.5" x 1/2". Printed and bound in Toronto,Canada.


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About Smitten Kitten:

Smitten Kitten is an award-winning design studio that offers a wide range of modern papergoods and gifts.

Based in Toronto, Canada, our products are designed and manufactured locally because we believe that offering awesome designs, manufactured locally and ethically, should be the industry standard, and anything that falls short of that should be scooped up from the litter box and tossed out.

Amy Kwong, the designer behind the brand, worked as a creative director for a large-scale giftware manufacturer for many years.

In 2004, Amy started her own papergoods and giftware company and named it Smitten Kitten, (an expression used to describe someone who has a crush on someone or something), because that is exactly the type of product Amy strives to design: Crush-worthy Papergoods and Gifts.

In 2014, Smitten Kitten opened up I HAVE A CRUSH ON YOU in Toronto's emerging community of Liberty Village. IHACOY is a gift shop, gallery, and work studio rolled into one.

The gift shop and gallery part of the project operates at the front of the space. It is where we peddle crush-worthy products made by fellow designers, artists and niche brands. Smitten Kitten operates from the back of the space. It's where we design, create and ship our own products to retailers worldwide. Guests are welcome to spend time and interact with both the products we carry and the people who work here.

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