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Grey and pink Made in Canada granite coaster.
Granite Coasters - Plain - Madoc Rocks
Assorted Made in Canada granite coasters with loon and tree prints.

Granite Coasters - Plain - Madoc Rocks

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These beautiful granite coasters from Madoc, ON come in a variety of colours and designs including plain. The unique colours and patterns in the granite look like painterly landscapes. Each coaster is felted on the bottom. Your very own "piece of Canada". Purchase individually, as a matching set, or mix and match with other designs!

$12.00 each / Buy more and save! Automatic Discount applied with purchase of 4+ coasters (mix and match with other designs)

Please note: Colour and shape of stone varies with each coaster.


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About Madoc Rocks:

Madoc Rocks is a family run business established in 2002. Our coasters are hand crafted with rock from the Madoc area, in Eastern Ontario. The unique patterns and colours in each coaster are an indication of the mineral diversity of the area, which is located at the edge of the Canadian Shield. 

Our business evolved from an interest in nature and rocks, and a lifelong passion for artistic expression. There is beauty and art inherent in the rock itself; we simply bring this beauty to the surface.