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BESIDE Magazine

BESIDE Magazine - Issue 08 - What communities do we belong to?

BESIDE Magazine - Issue 08 - What communities do we belong to?

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What communities do we belong to?

Communities are emerging all around us. They are the chosen families that sustain us. They are our neighbours who share their tools, our friends who share their recipes, our elders who share their knowledge and advice. They are the farmers within and outside our cities who feed us. They are the people with whom we face the most pressing environmental and social issues of our time. Following the model of plants and animals that collaborate in the wild, we are learning new creative, ecological, and inclusive ways of coexisting.

In Issue 08, BESIDE highlights the communities we belong to and that make us—individually and collectively—more resilient.


Massimo Bottura
Elisabeth Cardin
Phillip Dwight Morgan
Naima Green
David Saint-Jacques
Jenny Odell
Les Pervenches
And many others . . .


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About BESIDE Magazine:

BESIDE Magazine is a Montreal publication that aims to bridge the gap between humans and nature with high-quality editorial content that is focused on nature, sustainability and adventure. Each issue features essays and photography that explore a general topic or question.

BESIDE Magazine aims to showcase the innovative curiosity, responsible resourcefulness, and adventurous triumphs of a diversity of people across North America empowered by nature, adventure, and sustainability.

BESIDE Magazine is printed in Quebec on Rolland Enviro paper, a 100 per cent post-consumer paper.

Accolades Stack Magazine Awards Nomination for Best use of Photography 2019, Art Direction Grand Prix Canadian Magazine Awards 2019, Grafika Award 2017

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