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Cover of Canadian made Beside Magazine Issue 02.

BESIDE Magazine Issue 02 - How do we keep the outdoors wild?

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In Issue 02, we're exploring this fascinating question: How do we keep the outdoors wild? To do so, the magazine is introducing a community of scientists, entrepreneurs, philosophers and adventurers who deal with the inherent and daily paradox of being nature’s caretakers.


  • Chris Burkard
  • Michael Barrus
  • Emma Marris
  • Bernie Krause
  • Guillaume
  • Beaudoin
  • Dan O’Brien
  • And many others . . .


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About BESIDE Magazine:

BESIDE Magazine is a Montreal publication that aims to bridge the gap between humans and nature with high-quality editorial content that is focused on nature, sustainability and adventure. Each issue features essays and photography that explore a general topic or question.

BESIDE Magazine aims to showcase the innovative curiosity, responsible resourcefulness, and adventurous triumphs of a diversity of people across North America empowered by nature, adventure, and sustainability.

BESIDE Magazine is printed in Quebec on Rolland Enviro paper, a 100 per cent post-consumer paper.

Accolades Stack Magazine Awards Nomination for Best use of Photography 2019, Art Direction Grand Prix Canadian Magazine Awards 2019, Grafika Award 2017